Who is Ryan White?

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Ryan White was an American teenager who died of AIDS in 1990. He was one of the first public faces of AIDS in the United States and he helped change the perceptions of HIV / AIDS; despite his illness, White was a frank advocate on HIV and AIDS issues until his death, speaking throughout Congress on national television. With people like Rock Hudson, Magic Johnson and Freddie Mercury, Ryan White has humanised HIV / AIDS for the Americans and illustrated the importance of treating the AIDS epidemic.

White was born in 1971 and, at the age of three days, he was diagnosed with hemophilia. For much of his early life he went in and out of the hospital and was also forced to receive blood products. One of the blood products used to treat Ryan White was infected with HIV, a common problem before HIV / AIDS was formally recognized and a test was developed to screen for blood. In 1984, White had a complete AIDS, discovered during a surgery to treat the complications of pneumonia.

In the 1980s, public awareness of AIDS was very limited. Most people thought the disease only involved homosexuals; In fact, AIDS was formerly known as immune-related immunity related to homosexuality (GRID). Ryan White was determined to go to school and continue his life, but he faced considerable prejudice and opposition. Parents and teachers at his school in Kokomo, Indiana, tried to block his return to school, despite support from Ryan’s case from the scientific community and a series of protracted legal battles.

In the end, Ryan White won the right to return to school, but was rage and prejudice. After a bullet was returned to the family home, the whites moved to Cicero, Indiana, where they were greeted by students and AIDS members at Hamilton Heights High School. He often cited his experiences in Hamilton Heights as evidence that AIDS education was effective.

Ryan White

Ryan White

Although Ryan White has tried to live a relatively normal life, he has become an AIDS poster, thanks to his willingness to talk about AIDS and promote AIDS education. He has become a minor celebrity in the United States, and an inspiration to many AIDS patients struggling with prejudice arising from a lack of education and awareness of the disease. Ryan White has often emphasized in public appearances that AIDS patients could not transmit the disease through casual contact, and many of them have suffered because of ostracism.

After Ryan White died in 1990, survived his initial prognosis within five years, the US Congress passed the Ryan White Care Act, which provides funds to low-income people with HIV / AIDS. His death inspired public comment from a number of remarkable characters, and many of the generation of children who went to school in America in the late 1980s and early 1990s remembered Ryan White of educational posters and videos on AIDS.


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