Top 10 Sites Similar to Netflix

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Sites Similar to Netflix: The single series platform is not Netflix. We can count many Netflix alternatives. If you’re a bit squeezed from the Netflix catalog, or are looking for movies to watch or new TV shows to watch, think about looking at one of these Netflix alternatives. Some of these services are free, others are free of charge. What’s great is that the majority are cheaper than Netflix! So if you are looking for a better service like Netflix, these are excellent options to check.

Sites Similar to Netflix

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is one of Netflix’s best alternatives. It has a wide range of films ranging from cult classics to newly released filmmakers. There are quite a good selection of TV shows in the networks like Starz and HBO.

2. Hulu

Hulu is an incredibly popular series of platforms and one of the best Netflix alternatives. There you will find a large portion of well-known TV shows such as Family Guy, Frasier, Golden Girls, Community, South Park and X Files. Like Netflix, Hulu offers its original content that you will not find elsewhere.

3. Sling TV

Sling TV is an interesting platform not only providing streaming of popular TV shows and movies but also providing live TV programming such as sports and news shows.

4. HBO Now

A good alternative to Netflix, especially if you want to watch TV shows.

5. Feeln

Feeln can be a good alternative to Netflix for you if you like the likes of movies.

6. CBS All Access

If you are a fan of GIS shows, CBS All Access may be a good Netflix alternative for you.


If you like independent films, classical movies and award-winning works, you will love MUBI.

8. SelectTV

For a small monthly fee, with SelectTV you can access more than a million TV shows, movies and channels.

9. Fandor

If you like indie, foreign and documentary films, you will love Fandor.

10. Popcornflix

For a good selection of free movies and various TV shows, check out Popcornflix.

Best Netflix Alternatives

Netflix may be the most well-known platform, but that does not mean it’s your only choice for movies and TV. As you can see, there are tonal alternatives that offer great choices in movies, and many are cheaper and offer even more benefits in the case of Amazon Prime!


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